Europeana-Photography excellent! Leuven (BE), 11 March 2015

EuPh Leuven


The Europeana-Photography has come to its end. The project formally finished on 31 January 2015 and its final technical review took place in Leuven on 11 March 2015 with excellent results.

The review meeting, hosted by the Project Coordinator Fred Truyen at the premises of KU Leuven, welcomed the Project Officer Krzysztof Nichczynski and the reviewers Makx Dekkers and Tom Wachtel with whom the Europeana Photography WP leaders together with Antonella Fresa, the Technical Coordinator from Promoter, had the possibility to illustrate and discuss the project achievements.

Having successfully met all its objectives, the project was evaluated with "Excellent" mark.

Enjoy a selection of Europeana Photography images as available in Europeana here

Despite the project is finished, all the partners are staying together in a new-born association that was created as a spin off of Europeana Photography: PHOTOCONSORTIUM - International Consortium for Photographic Heritage.