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Promoter plays the role of Technical Coordinator, supporting the Coordinating partner in monitoring and assessing the progress of the project.
It also co-leads the WP4 and leads the tasks on dissemination plan, impact assessment and sustainability.


Project profile

Europeana Space aims to increase and enhance the creative industries’ use of digital cultural content and Europeana by delivering a range of resources to support their engagement. The use of content is still limited by factors including the issue of IPR status and the need for robust business models that demonstrate the potential for exploitation of available content. In addressing these problems, Europeana Space brings together high-level expertise from the European creative industries, technology-based enterprises, the cultural heritage sector and higher education.
Europeana Space will build 3 Spaces, the Technical, Content and Innovation Spaces: physical and virtual environments to enable the creative re-use of cultural content. They will contain online guidelines and tools, a technical framework; a platform for IPR management; hackathons and workshops to inspire and support content providers, technology partners, creators and industry bodies to develop new content-based services and applications; and incubation/mentoring by business experts to stimulate and support creative entrepreneurship. 6 Pilots and 3 Demonstrators will present innovative models of content use in interactive TV, photography, dance, games, publishing and cultural heritage. A wide-ranging dissemination and sustainability programme will ensure Europe-wide penetration of the Best Practices developed and shared through the project.
Europeana Space will address all sectors of the creative industries, from content providers to producers, exhibitors, artists and makers of cultural/creative content, publishers, broadcasters, telecoms and distributors of digital content. Its impact will be significantly increased use of Europeana and new opportunities for employment and economic growth within the creative industries through continuing development of innovative applications and services based on Europe’s rich digital cultural resources.


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