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Promoter played the role of Technical Coordinator, contributing to the coordination of the partners, monitoring and assessing the progress of the project. It led WP5 Communication and dissemination, leading the tasks on web presence, dissemination plan and production of dissemination material.


Project profile

CIVIC EPISTEMOLOGIES is about the participation of citizens in research on digital Cultural Heritage (CH) and humanities, and its main outcome is this Roadmap.
The engagement of Europe's citizens in scientific research has just started to be exploited, thus
representing an important opportunity for improving European competitiveness. The case of digital CH and humanities is particularly relevant because:

  • Humanities play a major cross-cutting role in the evolvement of European research and innovation – as it is acknowledged also in the Horizon 2020 Programme of the EC;
  • CH as such is an area in which citizens are particularly active (recording, cataloguing, and discussing things on an individual, group/voluntary/amateur basis);
  • The potential of broadening e-Infrastructure deployment to support the participation of citizens in research activities is not yet fully explored, although holding a potentially strong impact on social cohesion and job development, both aspects being important drivers in the European policy context;

The project started with an analysis of the requirements and needs that existing experiences of
citizen science demonstrated. This activity was carried out through a rich programme of focus
group meetings, whose results were discussed in the international workshop held in Valletta in
November 2014.
A Registry of Resources was developed gathering information about existing initiatives in the
domain of citizen science, which can be used as reference and inspiration for new projects and
which remain as a legacy of the CIVIC EPISTEMOLOGIES project after the end of the EC funding period.
A study about a shared multidisciplinary Strategic Research Agenda has been conducted in order to correlate scientific objectives with the steps indicated in the Roadmap.

The Roadmap has been validated by a Pilot study in Ireland and two Case Studies in UK whose results have been analysed to extract knowledge, lessons learnt and best practice.

Download the Berlin Charter, the main legacy of the project, here.

Click below to download the Roadmap and to connect to the Registry of Resources

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  • Roll-up (PDF, 800 Kb)
  • Project Factsheet English (PDF, 380 Kb) – Hungarian version (PDF, 495 Kb)
  • Poster 70×100 cm. (PDF, 1.243 Kb)
  • Leaflet (PDF, 2.200 Kb)
  • Final Report Booklet (PDF, 8 Mb) – November 2015 – NEW
  • Roadmap Handbook (PDF, 2 Mb) – November 2015 – NEW
  • Roadmap Poster (PDF, 0,8 Mb) - November 2015 – NEW


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