HARMO-TEN (2004-2006)

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Promoter was Technical Coordinator.

Projects' Lifetime: from 2004 until 2006

Project profile

Harmo-Ten validated the European market for a new service encouraging information exchange within the framework of travel and tourism activities. Harmo-Ten envisaged improving the method for exchanging information based on the existing message formats. The underlying technology allows different systems to keep their proprietary data formats and simultaneously achieve both communication and interaction.

The Harmo-Ten project provided the opportunity to the different actors involved in the tourism and travel industries to exchange information through the existing message formats without adopting new standards.

Travel and tourism organisations infacts use different message standards. Therefore the standards and message formats are not adapted to transfer data between these agents. Harmo-Ten was intended to help overcoming this lack of interoperability.

The Harmo-Ten service included:
• database which can be defined and updated
• registration and administration tool that maintain members' data and allows new members to register
• mapping editor
• interoperable tool which facilitates the data exchange

Harmo-Ten was intended to improve the information exchange by reducing the cost and the time consumed during the process. This mainly came as a support to small and medium sized enterprises with limited budget.


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