Promoter @ Digital Echoes Symposium 2014

C-Dare-470x167Coventry University Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE) is pleased to announce the Digital Echoes symposium 2014. This event is part funded by ERDF and supported by Creative Enterprise.

Wednesday 8 January 2014; 10 am – 5 pm

Convenors:  Professor Sarah Whatley (Coventry University) and Dr Sarah Atkinson (University of Brighton)

Antonella Fresa is appointed as Keynote Speaker of the Symposium and she will take a presentation on "A European perspective on digital cultural heritage" (PDF, 440 Kb).

Situated within the School of Art and Design at Coventry University, the Centre for Dance Research/C-DaRE brings together artists and scholars, working collaboratively with partners from across the creative and cultural industries for interdisciplinary research and knowledge exchange.

Digital Echoes 2014 builds on the previous three ‘Digital Echoes’ events and will bring together researchers, artists, educators, professionals and practitioners from the field of digital archives and the archiving of practice with an emphasis upon Art, Design, Media, Film and Performing arts disciplines. The focus will be on expanding dialogues across the arts and humanities to explore the affordances of digital technologies upon archival practices.

Within digital archival practices, there is a notable shift from the closed to the open and from the traditional single-user archive model to emerging multi-user, collaborative forms of archival practices and scholarship. The digital preservation and presentation of archival materials dramatically impacts upon the nature and notion of access. The types of discoveries, insights and findings that can be made through online digital interfaces can be radically altered.

More information on the Conference here.

See the official site of the Digital Echoes Symposium 2014 here