RICHES Workshop: CH transmission in a changing world

Ankara WSCultural Heritage (CH) itself and the ways in which it is made, held, collected, curated, exhibited or simply exists have completely changed in the XXI century. This context of change has also transformed the roles and links between memory institutions, CH professionals, citizens and economic and social actors at all the spheres of society. In order to understand this context of change, the RICHES project organised a workshop at the Turkish National Library (Ankara, Turkey), held on 13-14 May 2015.


Two intense days of discussion allowed the participants to discuss key questions about how these transformations are evolving and to identify the main opportunities and trends for the upcoming years. 

Promoter SRL participated in the workshop, as RICHES Consortium Member as well as Communication and Dissemination Manager. Antonella Fresa presented the final conclusions of the first day session seeking to understand the context of change and the move from analogue to digital [download Fresa's presentation].

On the 14th May the workshop explored best practices and trends on Cultural Heritage transmission in a changing world

The final session of the workshop was completely interactive and open to discussion.


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