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Promoter produces and implements digital online services to support general and specific communication needs.

  • is the online magazine, published by Promoter. The magazine is registered under the Italian law, but it has a very international vocation.It publishes news about projects and initiatives in Europe and all over the world, where culture, arts, heritage and creativity meet with the digital technologies. The magazine is Media Partner of several international conferences and projects.


  • Promoter Digital Gallery is the online repository of digitized collections of heritage and contemporary photography, created and managed by Promoter. All the contents are published under the Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial 4.0 International license.


  • Additionally, Promoter is working on the design of more specific portals dealing with natural and cultural tourism.

Promoter Digital Gallery

Promoter Digital Gallery is an initiative of Promoter S.r.l. and it has been developed in the framework of the Photoconsortium, the International Association for the Promotion of Photographic Heritage of which Promoter is a founder member.

The Gallery contains various collections of heritage and contemporary photographs, all available for non commercial use, educational and research purposes. The collections are also provided for publication in, the European gateway to digital cultiral heritage.

Visit: represents one of the most lively initiatives of Promoter, for which the company invested own financial resources.
The life-long competence about digital technologies and the cultural engagement on art and heritage merged into a virtual magazine about the digital culture, that is swiftly rising as a remarkable meeting point for collecting and sharing information and events, in a global dimension.
An editorial team was established as well as a network of international correspondents who cooperate to harvesting news and keeping the magazine always up-to-date.



The interactive magazine where culture and digital technology collide

In the context of global growing access to the Internet, and over-flooding of on-line information about any topic, it is sometimes hard for users to collect materials and news about their interests. is a communication platform open to world-wide contribution: it is actually an on-line magazine about the digital culture for collecting and sharing related information and events.

There are 2 sections:
DIGITAL meets HERITAGE: extensive information about international projects and initiatives for the digitization, preservation, and enjoyment of digital cultural heritage.
DIGITAL meets ART: tales & talk as well as amazing multimedia contents for a wide overview of the latest in digital art.

The portal is not only an information device but it is also built in order to create a useful tool for the dissemination of digital cultural heritage projects and initiatives: by giving wide visibility to the activities and achievements, by deepening their topics through interviews and related articles, and by offering a repository service for the projects' results.

In addition, more and more artists of every discipline, from visual to performance arts, use computer technology as a tool and the web as a space for displaying and disseminating their works. The portal highlights conferences and seminars, interesting dates, case-studies and features nice showcases dedicated to festivals, associations, artists and companies.

Interactivity is a key-point of the portal: like any modern communication website, users can register to the portal, thus being allowed not only to simply comment the articles, but mostly to play an active part and send events and articles, until the point of joining the staff as correspondents if they wish.



It is a under-construction project, still covered by confidentiality.
An innovative formula is dedicated to the horse lovers, who will find useful information as well as suggestions and tips to organize their riding holidays.


It is a under-construction project, still covered by confidentiality.
It is going to be an innovative information and promotion tool for those who appreciate the quietness of nature and countryside as an alternative for their vacation.

Nature Holidays


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